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August, 2010

Victor Wagner

176, 45 Leninsky Prospekt

Phone: +7(499)135-4661

Moscow, Russia, 119334

Email: vitus@wagner.pp.ru

SUMMARY:More than 15 years of experience in analysis, design and programming in various environments including 5 years of team leadership.


2010 - 2013: Senior Software Developer: Parallels.

  • Participated in development of cloud computing infrastructure.

2003 - 2010: Senior Software Developer: Cryptocom Ltd.

  • Participated in the development of cryptographic applications

  • Designed and developed Tcl language extension for access to Vizir cryptographic library

  • Designed and developed automated distributed multiplatform testing system for non-interactive applications (Tcl, various Unixes and Win32)

  • Developed MS-DOS port of Tcl

  • Developed multiplatform cryptographic GUI application

  • Participated in the development of national cryptographic algorithm support in OpenSSL

  • Developed reference implementation of Russian cryptographic algorithms for OpenSSL

  • Developed implementation of Russian TLS ciphersuites for OpenSSL

  • Maintained custom Debian package repository

  • Developed multiplatform automatic build and test system

  • Developed framework for building native packages for about 50 operating systems

  • Evaluated support of Russian cryptoalgorithm in the major open source applications.

  • Developed PostgreSQL extension sslinfo.

1999 – 2003: Chief Programmer, Chief Technical Officer: Communiware.Net

  • Principal design and initial implementation of Communiware Web-based content-management and collaboration system. (Apache, mod_per, Oracle and PostgreSQL)

  • Design of template language for Communiware project

  • Supervising of further development of this project.

  • Supervising of design and development of several Communiware-based interactive Web-sites.

  • Participated in internationalization of several OpenSource projects, including PostgreSQL

  • Created and maintained custom Debian package repository

1997 - 1999: Programmer, Institute for Commercial Engineering, Moscow

  • Support and developmend of multiplatform (Solaris and BSDi) distributed Web information system. (Perl, Tcl, Oracle database)

  • Designed and developed lightweight database request broker (on Tcl)

  • Designed and developed online stock trading web-site (Apache, mod-perl, Oracle)

  • Developed several, now opensource extensions for Tcl programming language (pure Tcl and C)

  • System administration of heterogeneous web-server environment (Solaris, BSDi, Linux)

1992 - 1997: Research Scientist: Dokuchavev Soil Science Institute, Moscow

  • Participated in various GIS projects.

  • Designed and developed GIS visualization and analysis package LESSA for MS-DOS and EPPL7 GIS

  • Developed Pascal libraries for access of DBF database files and EPPL7 GIS formats.

  • Designed, developed and maintained several in-house systems for geocoding of several thematic maps including multiuser versions.

  • System administration of the laboratory network including Linux servers and workstations and DOS clients

  • Developed Tcl extension for access of EPPL7 GIS formats.

  • Designed and implemented several domain-specific programming languages for geoinformational problems.

  • Developed catdoc program for reading MS-Word files for DOS and Unix

  • Give a beginner's course of computers in the Soil Science Department of MSU


1990- 1992: Moscow State University

Postgraduate study

1985 - 1990: Moscow State University

M.S. Degree in Geography


Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Solaris, Linux, BSDI, FreeBSD, HP-UX

Virtualization environments: VMWare (workstation & server) QEMU

CPU Architectures: x86, x86_64, Sparc, Sparcv9, ARM, MIPS

Programming Languages:C -14 years, Tcl – 14 years, Pascal – 20 years, Perl, Python, Ruby, C++, Algol 60, Fortran, Lisp, Erlang, Unix shell, awk, GNU make and others

Tools/APIs: POSIX, pthreads, all Unix development tools (make, lex, yacc/bison, etc), gdb, Xview, Tk, Xwindow, Motif, Gtk, Apache/mod_perl and others

Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Paradox, FoxPro.


Desktop Publishing:LaTeX

Experience in small team leadership

Experience in design of large projects

Strong analytical skills

Expert knowledge of processing Office file formats on non-Microsoft systems.


Member of Tcl sourceforge projects

Published several popular articles in Home Computer magazine.