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Unix utilities

Main strength of Unix and unix-like system lies in easyness of programming. Using Linux and Solaris as my primary operating system for ten years I've written lots of useful things.

Some of them can be found on my TeX or Tcl pages, and rest is below:

Bluetooth address resolution project for Linux
Collection of fonts and keymaps for Linux console and DOSEMU
Script to run X program or xterm on remote host and make it to connect to your local display
lpshell: curses-based interface to printer queues
curses based program to monitor and control printer queues of Berkeley LPD
Tools to work with mobile phones
Things to work with bluetooth/java enabled mobile phone
Battery status indicator for Linux Console
Preloadable shared library to trace X font query calls
Xtitle script
Script which sets title of Xterm to given value or change font
Russian layout for xvkbd
Russian layout for xvkbd on-screen keyboard