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My own photogallery scripts

My photogallery creation tools consists of two independent scripts:
  1. Script to write descriptive comments inside images
  2. Script to create web pages and thumbnails

Create descriptive comments

Most image formats out there allows to place descriptive comments inside image file. One have just to have a right tool to browse through images and describe them.

Following tcl/tk script provides convinient interface - it allows to browse through JPEG files in the directory using PgUp/PgDn keys or by clicking mouse on the image previews. It shows three images - current one bigger below and prevois and next ones smaller above. Typically it is enough. Only thing you want to know is to keep two almost identical images or delete one of them.

By limiting number of images shown we can enlarge each of them.

This script allows do just few things with images

  • Write the comment
  • Rotate image clockwise or counterclockwise if your digital camera made a mistake and didn't write correct exif info for downloading software.
  • Listen to sound memo recorded by camera
  • Delete image
Here is screenshot of the script: Script requires realtively recent Tcl/Tk (>=8.4.9) and recent Tcllib (jpeg package >= 0.2). Also you need libjpeg-progs (to make fast scaling of jpeg) and exiftrans utility to rotate jpegs without loosing exif information. Missing functionalty - oboisly it is good idea to allow move image out from current album, and invoke some advanced graphic editor on current image.

Generating image galleries

This is perl script which generates thumbnails, mid-sized images for screen view and html-pages with descriptions from images with descriptive comments. It requires Image::Info module from CPAN and convert utility from ImageMagick.

Generating catalog of albums

There is also script which generates list of photoalbums. It expect albums to be stored in the directories named YYYY.MM.DD-place where YYYY.MM.DD is date and place - is something you want to say about contents of album. There is also Makefile for GNU make which checks whether some image was updated or album added, and runs scripts to (re)generate html pages. Download imgwww.tar.gz