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nph CGI program which translates requested html page from base encoding to one of seven other. It does secondary request to HTTP server, so have no problems to recode output of CGI script. It also parses HTML, so it can change references to other pages and substitute prefix for encoding.

Supported encodings
  • KOI8-r
  • cp866 (GOST-alternate)
  • cp1251 (MS-Windows Cyrillic)
  • ISO8859-5
  • Macintosh cyrillic
  • Latin transliteration of Russian text
  • "Mixed" encoding where text body is KOI8-R and values of input fields are cp1251. This encoding was neccessary for early versions of Netscape and MS-Internet explorer.

This program was made obsolete by advances in Russian Apache development But it includes very simple and fast html parser, based on finite state machine, which can be used for some other purpose

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